Time. What is it? You can’t see it or touch it. Depending where you are on Earth, Time is different. Einstein once stated that Time is relative to your position in space. Others theorize that Time occurs in orbs all around us that our senses don’t pick up. One dimension of existence could be occurring in these orbs at the same Time with moments crossing simultaneously.

Graduation Time is a perfect example of this. When graduates walk out across the stage to receive their diplomas, we often envision another Time held somewhere in a precious moment, usually years ago, such as on their first day of school.

Then, as Time crosses, we watch them as they are handed their diplomas, walking out across that stage…

Yet, we will always remember that piece of Time, when they trustingly looked up at us as, taking hold of our hand as small children with a gentle smile. Walking alongside their Kindergarten teacher, they took their first steps toward growing up. And, now, taking hold of their diplomas, all grown up, they take their first steps toward their future- out upon a world stage.

But to us, we will always remember that moment with them as small children, glancing back at us with a wave upon that first day of school…

Time. It passes too quickly.

HMHS Senior Send Off video

Henry David Thoreau once stated, “To accomplish great things, we must not only act, but also dream; not only plan, but also believe.” The Class of 2014 has done just that. In a school-year encompassing visionary determination and courage, they believed, setting out a course to follow their dreams, and in doing so, they have left their mark on Haddonfield Memorial High School history, a history rich in longstanding traditions and sacrifices that have endured and withstood the test of time. As those who have passed through HMHS before them, this year’s graduating class will be forever remembered in the years to come for their faithful perseverance and great accomplishments.

This year’s graduating class is referred to by many as the class that is truly amazing yet humble, a class bound by lasting friendships, a class made up of bright, caring individuals as demonstrated by their well-rounded and varied interests.

Now, as the Class of 2014 prepares to move onto college and the world, new plans have been set and farewells have been given as they begin to embark on new paths toward their dreams. However, as they move on, we will always be grateful to them for making HMHS one of the best high schools in the nation.

Because of our students, during the 2013-14 school year, Haddonfield Memorial High School was ranked by U.S. News, Washington Post, and Newsweek Magazine as one of the top 1 percent of Best high schools in the nation. In addition, HMHS was ranked as one of the top high schools in the state and we are proud to report that our students excelled this school year in all areas of academics, the arts, and athletics.

The graduating Class of 2014 was also accepted to many prestigious colleges and universities, including IVY League schools such as Stanford, University of Pennsylvania, Princeton, Columbia & Brown in addition to receiving numerous awards and over 5.8 million dollars in scholarships. This year’s graduating class includes a US Presidential Scholar, National Merit Commended Students, a National Merit Scholarship, a National Honor Society Finalist, a military appointment, and a number of athletic scholarships. In addition, several of our graduates participatedin the Visiting Scholars program through our partnership with Drexel University, taking university level courses in business, science, mathematics, and engineering along with 85 of our seniors taking 211 Advancement Placement Exams. This year’s graduating class of 2014 has a total of 63 AP Scholars including 2 National AP Scholars; 26 AP Scholars with Distinction; 14 AP Scholars with honors and 23 AP Scholars.

On Senior Awards Night, the class of 2014 received over 180 scholarships with 338 students receiving awards totaling $287,000 and with renewing four year scholarships, the graduating class of 2014 received a grand total of $497,000 in scholarships. The Class of 2014 also had 75 members in the National Honor Society, 17 inducted into the Art National Honor Society, 10 inducted into the Tri Music Honor Society, and 46 members as Peer Leaders.In addition, the class of 2014 raised thousands of dollars for charities through various student sponsored events during their time at HMHS.

The Drama Club also had an outstanding year with several memorable plays and performances including Lizzy’s Scrapbook, a play that highlighted our celebration of the Haddonfield Tricentennial and, in the Spring, the musical “Grease.” The Madrigals also had excellent performances throughout the school year in various settings and were recognized for their accomplishments at the Pennsylvania Renaissance Faire. In addition, our Band, The Marching Colonials, celebrated the 300th Anniversary of Haddonfield with many outstanding performances. The Winter Guard also had a successful year, culminating with their competition at the Wildwood Convention Center during the TIA Championships.

During the 2013-14 school year, our athletic teams compiled a record of 290 wins which led HMHS to winning  9 out of 20 Colonial and Olympic Conference titles including girls soccer, boys and girls cross country, girls tennis, boys basketball, boys tennis, girls track and field, golf, and baseball. HMHS athletic teams also won 7 South Jersey Sectional titles including boys and girls cross country, girls tennis, boys and girls winter track, girls track and field, and boys tennis. In addition, our students, led by this year’s graduating class, won a total of 8 New Jersey State Group Championships, including the football team, who defeated four previously undefeated teams in a row to take home the State Group II Championship for the second time in the past four years. Girls tennis, boys cross country, boys and girls winter relays, girls winter track, boys tennis, and girls track and field also had exemplary seasons, winning State Championships.

This past school year, the graduating class of 2014 led HMHS in winning the most State Championships in a single school year in the history of the school district! And by all verifiable accounts, this is the most State Championship wins by any school in a single school year out of all the high schools in the entire State of New Jersey.

For the 36th year in a row Haddonfield Memorial High School will be the recipient of the Colonial Conference All-Sports Award (given to the school with the best conference win-loss record) and for the 11th consecutive year Haddonfield Memorial High School will be declared winner of the NJSIAA Shop Rite Cup for Group II, an award that is given to the school with the most sectional and state championships for each of the 6 groups in the entire State.  Haddonfield Memorial High School is the only school in the State that has won this award every year since its inception!  Thank you Class of 2014 for keeping this tradition going.

It has been truly an amazing school year by an outstanding and gifted senior class.

However, our students’ success would not be possible without the support and sacrifice of our parents, teachers, Board of Education members, administrators, and our community. All of our staff members in the district from elementary school, middle school, and high school have played important roles in our students’ growth and achievements along with their dedication, hard work, and self-sacrifices. The school district is not built upon brick and mortar, but rather upon the determination and grit of everyone, parents, teachers, administrators, board of education members, and community leaders. By working together, establishing a shared vision for our students, we will be able to help our students achieve their dreams and can continue the legacy of Haddonfield School District’s educational excellence well into the 21st Century.

Persius, an ancient Roman Satirist, once wrote, “He conquers who endures.” The Class of 2014 before us has conquered and endured. They have persevered and not given up. They have reached their individual goals and dreams and, now, as they prepare to make their own paths in the world, I want to take this opportunity to wish them well and let them know that we are very proud of them. They will always be known as that “class that was amazing” the one that achieved miracles in the classrooms, on stage, and on the athletic fields. Their names will be known well into the future and the paths they’ve created while here in HMHS will be remembered fondly and talked about in the decades to come. Class of 2014, May all of your dreams come true and may all that you ever hope for always be within your grasp.


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