Haddonfield School District in the upcoming 2016-17 school-year will be implementing several 21st Century innovative and dynamic STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Mathematics) programs to promote student growth and success, including advanced curricular initiatives district-wide in collaboration with community support. Each school-year, Haddonfield is ranked in the top 1 percent of the best school districts in the state and nation due to its outstanding students, teachers, administrators, Board of Education members, parents, and community. Haddonfield is truly a community that is committed to Educational Excellence.  
Haddonfield Memorial High School provides students with a positive school environment where the expectation of achievement is the norm.  The staff, students, and community have established high standards for its students in all of these areas and believe that children will live up to these high standards which is prevalent within the positive school culture.  This close knit and collaborative effort provides between the students and the opportunity promote the high level of success for our students in the areas of academics, athletics, and the arts. There are several opportunities for parents to get involved in the educational process at HMHS.
At the beginning of each school-year, parents are encouraged to contact the HMHS PTA and participate in upcoming events.  Booster clubs are also a good means for parents to get involved along with participation in the PAC which is a shared governance team that encourages parent input on varying challenges and upcoming decisions in collaboration with the principal. This upcoming school-year, there are several new courses and programs, including, for example, AP Computer Science Principles, Dance Repertory and Composition, Dance Fitness, Social Studies (Haddonfield and the Great War), and Visual and Performing Arts- Art History and Visual Culture. The Haddonfield Memorial High School staff looks forward to the upcoming school year and the opportunity to work and grow with the youth of Haddonfield.  Our mission is to work in partnership with families and the community and to maintain traditions that promote school pride and a sense of historical continuity.
Haddonfield Middle School will also be implementing several dynamic programs for our students. This upcoming school year, the Developmental Designs (DDMS) Program will be in its second successful year, focusing on meeting the unique developmental needs of adolescent students in a responsive and student-centered environment. Every member of the HMS school community will participate in a daily twenty-minute advisory program designed to promote a positive school culture, relationship building, and to develop social skills that middle school students need to become successful. HMS, also, created a new school mascot which will be used to develop school spirit activities and enhance school unity. In addition, HMS will continue to focus on getting technology into students’ hands by adding an additional 30 laptops and 30 Chromebooks
The elementary schools, Elizabeth Haddon, Tatem, and Central will implement an exciting program, “One Elementary School, One Book” which is a school-based family literacy initiative created by the Read to Them organization. Their mission is to create a shared reading experience across an entire school community and to encourage families also to read quality children’s novels aloud, together, at home. The project is designed to unite an entire elementary school community of parents, teachers, and students by choosing a single book to read over the course of two months. Every family and faculty member at all schools will be provided with a new copy of the same children’s novel and will read their books concurrently according to a predetermined schedule. We are currently keeping the books a surprise! The schools would like to thank the Zone PTA for funding this initiative. In addition, faculty will implement a variety of activities at our schools to build excitement and promote ongoing discussion of the book. Examples might include a kick-off school assembly, family reading and trivia night, guest readers, skits, school-wide displays, and daily trivia questions. We are also exploring hosting a town-wide events in the Haddonfield community. The district-wide immersion into one book encourages discussion about the story which can extend from the classroom to the playground and cafeteria to Starbucks downtown, involving every level of the Haddonfield community. By implementing a district-wide shared reading experience, the “One Elementary School One Book” program has the potential to instill a shared love of reading within our schools and community.
All of the Haddonfield District community are looking forward to a successful 2016-17 school-year. Thank you to everyone throughout the community for your support that continues the Haddonfield School District’s tradition of Educational Excellence.
Dr. Richard P. Perry
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