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School Websites


Central Elementary

Elizabeth Haddon Elementary

J. Fithian Tatem Elementary

Haddonfield Middle School

Haddonfield High School


One comment on “School Websites

  1. Dear Superintendent:
    As one who has worked in the Outpatient Adult Partial Care Facility for both Mentally Ill and Substance Abuse, one of my main concerns is the fact that fences and walls can not keep those away who are less than 10 feet away from our children that are court mandated to participate in the program because they are only there because they have to be, including Megan’s Laws and the other tiers for pedophiles.

    I love what I do and want those who battle addiction to be set free to live a mentally healthy life yet having such a facility near children is not wise unless it is really going to be strictly monitored. One incident is one too many.

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